Utah Line Card

The Utah office is based out of Murray and covers Idaho, Nevada, Utah and SW Wyoming.


General purpose variable speed drives. Industrial, Commercial and Municipal applications


Electronic Flow Switches, Liquid Level Switches and Temperature Switches


liquid level sensor and pressure transducer


Flame Detectors, Gas Detectors and Complete systems

Precision Calibration Gas Mixtures.

True Digital On-Line Refractometers and Optical Measurement of Liquid Concentrations
Kessler-Ellis Products

Kessler-Ellis Products, Flow Computers, HMI Software, Counters, Rate Meters and PLC’s

Industrial Lasers for Level and Safety Control

Tank Level

Magnetic Liquid Gage for Level Indication.

M-System - Automation Components Company
Signal Conditioners, Alarms, Isolators, Pneumatic Converters, Indicators, Integrators and Controllers

Weigh Belt Feeders, Loss-In-Weight Feeders, Belt Scales, Pressurized Coal Feeders and Process Controls

Penn Scale

Electronics scales & weight/count controls, including weigh counting, weighing platforms, digital weight or count indicators and OEM products

USB & Wireless HART Communications

Qal-TekRadiation Safety Experts for anything from: Source Disposal, Radiation Safety Training, Regulatory Compliance, Calibrations & Repair & Smart Instrument Management Program.

Temperature sensing devices including Thermocouples, RTD's, Bimetallic Thermometers and Thermowells.

Thermo Scientific

High Purity Water analysis instruments pH, ISE, conductivity and DO meters, electrodes and solutions.

Thermo Scientific

Emissions Monitoring

NO2, SO2, NOX, & Particle Emissions

Thermo Scientific

Formerly TN and Kay-Ray/Sensall, Nuclear Density,Level Sensors, Capacitance and Ultrasonic Level Sensors


Liquid Analytical Instrumentation pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen


Combustion O2 Analyzers, Hagan Drives for Boiler control. Zirconium Oxide Sensors & Opacity Monitors.

Sulivan & Sons

Remanufactured Control Valves and Instrumentation --- Fisher, Rosemount, Foxboro, Bailey, Yokogowa and others...


Unitherm heat control products are efficient, low cost method for installing heat traced instrument lines. They are engineered to the specifications of the refining, petrochemical,chemical,power and associated industries.


Metering Pumps pH/ORP, Conductivity Sensors, Boiler and Cooling Tower Controls


Control Valves, Instrumentation Equipment and Panels, Sampling Systems for Analyzers, Gas, Liquid, Water, and Oil Insertion and Sampling Devices, Bite Checkers